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What's the best type of harness for my dog?

At MOO+TWIG we have a great selection of dog harnesses and our range keeps growing every year based on the feedback you give us. There are so many different types of dog harnesses on the market and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out which one will suit your dog best - especially if you haven't even met them yet! 

Let's go through the dog harnesses we on offer and hopefully by the end of it, you'll find the perfect fit! 

Reversible Dog Harness

Dog Harness - Reversible

Our reversible harnesses are the first of the harnesses we ever designed and many years later, they're still amongst our (and your!) favourites. Easy to put on, great for all weathers and machine washable, this is a wonderful everyday dog harness. What's different about them is that you are getting two dog harnesses for the price of one - excellent value for money! Being reversible, all you need to do flip 'em inside out and voila! your dog has a brand new outfit in a matter of seconds! 

Available in numerous MOO+TWIG signature prints and ranging from sizes XS to XL, these harnesses are amongst our best sellers and are popular with dogs of all shapes and sizes! 

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Easy Wear Step In Dog Harness

Dog Harness - Easy Wear Step In Style

If your dog is a little bit fussy about ruining their hair or having their ears squished when putting on and taking off a harness, then consider a step in style instead. Our first step in style is the Easy Wear Step In Dog Harness.

This style, like the reversible, is great for everyday use, all weathers and is machine washable. The bonus about this style is that you no longer have to slip the harness over your dogs head, instead all you need to do is have them step their front legs into it and then clip the buckle up around their backs and they're good to go! 

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Vegan Leather Step In Dog Harness

Dachshund Dog Harness - Step In Style

The creation of the Vegan Leather Step In Dog Harness was purely the result of customer feedback - especially those with little terrors ( more commonly known as dachshunds). 

The problem? "My dachshund hates it when I slip anything over their head."

The solution? The MOO+TWIG Vegan Leather Step In Dog Harness (bonus: adorable dachshund print!)

This harness is effortlessly stylish and crafted with incredible high quality finishes. Whilst also great for everyday walks, we don't recommend that you take your dog swimming in this harness to ensure longevity of the vegan leather. 

All your dog needs to do with this one is step in and have you do up the classic belt buckle style clasp in the back.

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SWITCH Hi Vis Reflective and Reversible Dog Harness

Dog Harness - Hi Visibility Safety

Do you walk your dog in lowlight settings like before work or in the evenings? If so, then please consider one of our SWITCH dog harnesses to keep your best friend safe. 

The entire trim of this harness is made from a high quality reflective material designed to shine when light hits it, boosting your dogs visibility in low light conditions or when traffic is passing.

This harness is also reversible (yay!), so you are able to flip and reverse it to switch between two colour ways. And similar to our normal reversible harness, these are perfect for everyday, rain or shine.

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Shirt Harness 

Dog Harness - Shirt Style

Are you without a doubt the parent of the most fashionable dog in the dog park? Does your dog have a special social event coming up? Or perhaps your dog simply the dapperest dog of them all? If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, then this is the harness for you.

Functional, fashionable and a MOO+TWIG original, these amazing harnesses are styled to look exactly a smart casual shirt AND features a detachable bow tie - you know, for those very important events on their social calendars! 

It works just like an everyday harness (yes, of course it is machine washable and made of the same materials as our other everyday harnesses) - it's just... significantly fancier! 

Each harness purchase also includes a bow of your choice. Bows are detachable and interchangeable for quick and easy outfit changes.

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Still feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don't worry! We're here to help. Send us an email at with as much information as you can about your dog (weight, age, where they sit on fluff-o-meter) as well as a photo (this is mostly cos we like receiving pics of cute doggos!) and we'll let you know what harness will suit your little one best.