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COVID-19 Update


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Hi friends,

I just wanted to reach out to thank you for your continued support of my small business during this difficult time. Unfortunately, as a result of Australia slowly going into a lockdown, access to my storage unit (where I keep the majority of my stock) and visits to the post office will be be less frequent so I can do my part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, due to the increased strain on Australia's delivery networks, I have noticed a delay in parcels being picked up as well as the time in which it takes to be delivered, this is nobody's fault - please be patient, your goodies will be worth the wait!

Items that will take longer that usual for me to dispatch are beds as these are solely kept in the storage unit (or Moo would literally sleep on every single one of them). Addresses that couriers cannot deliver to such as all PO BOX's and Parcel Lockers will also take slightly longer as dispatching to these address means a visit to the post office which I will only be doing once or twice a week to coincide with grocery days so I can do my part to flatten the curve. 

International orders will not be affected in terms of dispatch as our courier comes to our home, however, due new travel restrictions and lots of planes all over the world being grounded as a result of this pandemic, delivery times may take longer than expected - sorry, but this is completely out of my control and I hope you understand. 

Once again, thank you for your support and patience. I hope all of you remain safe and well and that you are home enjoying your furbubba's company. 

Sending lots of love and light,

Sarah, Moo & Twig x 

Dr Moo & Twig