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MOO+TWIG Model Search 2016

Written by Sarah Chhan


Posted on July 01 2016

The time has come for us to broaden our horizons in search for our new models! We will be picking a total of three models from across the globe to represent our brand from now until early 2017.  

About you: 

1. You are a dog (or a mini pig).

2. Your personal photographer takes clear, crisp photos of you from all your best angles (not there that there are bad ones).

3. Your human posts photos of you at least twice a week because the more the world sees of you, the better.

4. You are currently not being sponsored by any other brands that sell similar products (we're not in the business of sh*t-stirring).

5. Most importantly, you fit our products! (We would really hate for you to be chosen and not have anything to drape you in -- size details below).

Rules of entry:

1. Follow us @shopmooandtwig on Instagram.

2. Post your headshot (one dog per headshot please)

3. Tell us in your caption why you think you deserve to be a Moo+Twig model (everypawdy does but we want to know what makes you different).

4. Tag two furiends in your headshot post that you think will also make great Moo+Twig models (choose carefully, these pups may be part of your squad).

5. Tag us in your post so we can find you.

6. Hashtag all photos you want seen by us between now & the 21st of July with #mooandtwigmodelsearch2016 (we know it's long, but that way we know you're serious!)

7. Get snap happy! 


What's in it for us?

1. A Moo+Twig care package full of goodies for you to strut around in.

2. A special discount code for you (not that you're gonna need it!) and your followers.

3. The honour of having one of our luxe leather collars named after you!

Why don't you just use Mooshu and Twiglet?

Because as much as it pains us to admit it, they are terrible models. Twig will continue to model our harnesses and hoodies but Moo is a nudist and is happiest butt-naked. Why make the poor boy suffer?

Will you only be choosing dachshunds?

Absolutely not. Whilst we anticipate most of our entrants will be dachshunds due to our following, we are looking for dogs of all shapes and sizes (within our product size limitations). Variety is the spice of life. 

What size do I have to be and why? I have junk in my trunk.

You and me both. You measure anywhere between 20cm and 36cm around your neck. Our range currently caters for small to medium sized dogs. We are sitting on designs for a range for larger dogs but haven't had the demand to turn this into a reality just yet.

How will you choose the winners?

Winners will be chosen based on the quality of their photos. This includes crispness, clarity and creativeness. 

Will there be a public vote?

No. Public votes allow users to encourage their followers to vote for them which will make this a popularity contest. However, we do understand that some accounts have more followers than others because of their incredible photos. 

Why do we have to wait so long for results?

We want to be able to see if the photos that are taken are not a one-off thing or a weeks worth of reposts from your puppy days. Also, if we see that you're still tagging us in photos 3 weeks from now, you mean business! Consistency is key here. 

What do you mean we can't be sponsored by other brands? We like wearing other stuff too!

As do we! All this means is that we don't want to step on their paws. For example, if your profile says "I only wear collars from *insert shop name*" and you're a Moo+Twig model, decked out in our gear, the claws will out and we ain't got time for that.

Can we enter more than one dog?

Of course! Just make sure it's clear to us which dog you are entering so when it comes down to picking, we don't use the wrong name, especially if more than one dog shares the account. You will be sent your care package based on the winning dog, but we totally understand that if more than one dog fits the gear, sharing is going to happen.  


This search is not sponsored by or affiliated with Instagram in any way. 




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